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David Parker

Karac St Laurent on cryptids

Crash Course Cryptozoology

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Updated 12-03-19


Paranormal World Magazine is a new publication from IdeaGems Media.

In this series, we interview paranormal investigators and explore the unexplainable from hauntings to cryptids and UFO sightings.

We invite you to join us in our quest to discover new accounts of paranormal activity, cryptozoological discovery. and strange lights in the sky. Enjoy our paranormal poetry, Zombie Haiku, and fearsome fiction.

The question is: Which is stranger, the imaginative fabrications or the true accounts?

 DO YOU HAVE A STORY OF A STRANGE ENCOUNTER AND WOULD LIKE TO BE INTERVIEWED? If so, contact us  our Facebook page or email to be part of the new show by Nate Brislin.

Click on the graphics to hear Nate Brilsin’s podcasts on Bigfoot in Maine and Anthropologist Laurie Notch on the investigation of Sabattus House and its paranormal activity.

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Proceeds from your purchase of a download or print copy go toward our documentary film about the lives of paranormal investigators.

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