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Karac St Laurent on cryptids

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Updated 12-21-19

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Paranormal World Magazine is proud of irs small staff of researchers. investigators, writers and podcasters.


Laurie E. Notch is Editor-in-Chief. Professor of Anthropology with an MFA in Creative Writing, Laurie is passionate about the paranormal. She has been working on a documentary on paranormal investigators called The Paranorm for the past decade. Proceeds from the sale of PWM will go toward the continuation of the project. She served as managing editor for IdeaGems Magazine from 2005 through 2014. For more, go to www,

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Nathaniel Brislin is a self-taught artist, writer, photographer, and is currently studying to become a filmmaker. Nate was born and raised in the forests of the state of Maine and has had an interest in bizarre and unknown happenings from a young age. After having his own personal experiences, he decided to delve in further and became a researcher of these anomalous occurrences commencing fieldwork within the studies of UFO analysis, cryptozoology, and occult and paranormal phenomena. Nate is the founder and administrator of the Association of Cryptozoological Fieldwork & Analysis and is currently working on several independent projects, investigations, and documentaries within the field.

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Karac St. Laurent is an aspiring young cryptozoologist and writer. Raised in the small forest town of Lyndeborough, New Hampshire, he has always been dedicated to the search for uncatalogued species, with sights often trained on studying the sasquatch phenomenon. When he's not doing research or out on an expedition, Karac spends his time reading books and writing his thoughts down in his journal.

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Sarah Bellum is our anonymous contributing skeptic, questioning everything in applying critical thinking to the belief in and alleged evidence of everything from Bigfoot to extraterrestrials to haunted houses and people.

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