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Updated 12-21-19

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We are grateful for all the wonderful writers who have contributed their work!

Frank Burkett is an author and international educator having taught at universities in Micronesia, South Korea, Kuwait, and China. He is originally from Alabama and currently resides on Cebu Island in the Philippines.

Leanna Norris grew up in Plymouth and Stetson, Maine. She writes memoir essays, poetry, and has been dabbling with short science fiction and paranormal. She is currently working on a collection of essays.

Arline Lawless enjoys writing dark themed macabre pieces. She is working on science fiction at the moment. She writes poetry, but with a twist of humor. Whatever she writes, she will leave you laughing or with a chill.

Elizabeth Rose lives in central Maine and is the mother of three young children. Her passions include cooking, baking, crocheting, writing, and planning family events.

Sarah Bellum is our secret, pseudonym skeptic, questioning everything in applying critical thinking to the belief in and alleged evidence of everything from Bigfoot to extraterrestrials to haunted houses and people.

Taylor Graffam grew up between Orange Country, California and Windham, Maine. He enjoys writing short stories and dark comedy.

Justin Ross has always been inspired by fantasy and horror movies and novels. He began writing in the late ‘90s and was motivated by his mother, Leona Ross, who is a writer. He enjoys the endless outcomes that can be created from fantasy and horror.

Seth Shelton is a native of Portland, Maine. He has been a fan of science fiction and horror as long as he can remember. While he loves to read, writing has never come easy, but he’s starting to see the fun side of putting pen to paper.

Shane Palmer writes fantasy novels heavily influenced by Norse and Celtic mythos. His hope is to be successful as a writer and become a strong voice for Anglo-heathenry and other pagan religions in practice today.

Brendan Gray tries to offer outside-of-the-box ideas with new and interesting perspectives. His preferred writing style is diagnostic, be he does enjoy writing on a variety of topics. Lately, this has consisted of informative and helpful walkthroughs for video games, ways to enjoy leisurely pastimes, and essays of a political nature. 

Paul Longtin is a native of Maine who enjoys writing memoir and essays from the humorous to the pendulous.

Edwell Gethers is an African-American who grew up in the mean streets of Beantown (Boston). He is currently working on his memoir.

William George enjoys writing about sports and anecdotal experience, but he loves the strange stuff of demons, ghosts, and the histories thereof.

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